viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014


Many fans of 28mm Wargames have dreamed of giant robots, monsters and tanks on our game boards. The problem is the space occupied by each model and, honestly, Skirmish type games are the most fun.

Paradoxically (in terms of size), large miniatures have always fallen on the shoulders of small businesses and creative. This has been the case with Mike Biassi (Armorcast), Mark Mondragon (Dragonforge) or Laurent Laverdet (Blightwheel Miniatures). Through Ebay I met the terrific model by Marc Gabriel Mondragon, but I hadn’t enough money to buy it. Thus I decided to create my own version under the name Iron Warrior.

The original project was the idea of ​​10 variations of arms and torsos, but finally it crystallized in a single model called Iron Warrior MKI. Only 60 units of this model were produced, and 30 were sold on Ebay. The model enjoyed much success and sold quickly. In order to preserve the concept of "limited edition" I did not intend to reedit this model. However, I still wanting to create new models, and frequently I received orders by e-mail.

I recovered the original model, which was heavily damaged, and I had to redo it almost from scratch. Those customers who purchased both editions will discover small differences between them both. In this second edition also were born MKII Furios and MKIII Iron Claw.

All three models compose an excellent unit to fight large battles. Iron Claw is a very versatile model armed with Gatling cannon and combat fist. Furios, by contrast, provides significant support with its double heavy flammer, no infantry approaching you! The MKI model, the leader of the unit, is equipped with a powerful laser lance and arm saw to cut vehicles into two pieces.

These models’ edition is composed by 150 units, except the MKI model, which is 90 units (90 units 2nd edition + 60 units 1st edition = Total 150 units). Currently I have sold 70% of all issues. All kits include a signed and numbered edition card + black acrylic basement.

The success of other resinlabmodels kits, novelties and comissions, have set aside the MK Warrior project and many new components. This is the case of the fusion cannon, or a scenic component representing a destroyed Iron Warrior model. I started working on a MK4, bigger and armed, but many of its components were transformed into the Death Carrier version.

And final liquidation: I'm not going to expound on the obvious ... the actuallity of the market... but the commercial life of Iron Warrior comes to an end and there is a small amount of stock that would shake off. Starting today you can find on Ebay a batch with the three models + MK Destroyer for only  230.00 € (only 12 lots)

I know that the latter may be disturbing to all those customers who have paid an average of 150.00 for one of these models. But all customers who purchased at least one unit will receive by email a special and exclusive offer for them to complete their collections. The emails will be sent within the next 20 days ( If you do not receive an email at this time, please write me. probably I lost your email)

Any questions or more information in:

and a cool video of Moggys miniatures from UK: moggy´s youtube

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

From the depth of the earth...

Asterion the mechanical minotaur just bring to Resinlab Models. Muradin going to have serious problems!!!

I started modeling this miniature in April 2012 and was completed in December of that year. I wanted to start producing in January 2013, but was not possible until today.

Mechanical Destroyer Asterion is a resin kit that requires assembly and painting. 20 pieces in high quality resin, acrylic base and limited edition card.

Pre-Orders: The release date of this miniature is March 20, but I already have a small stock of 10 units. If you want to have this fantastic miniature and a special launch price do not hesitate to contact me at:

kit of 20 pieces, Height 120 mm for Fantasy Battles. Edition of 150 units
Special pre-order price: 75,00€ + shipping cost
by popular demand: comparative image with Muradin kit