lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

More dwarfs from space... RAPID INTERCEPTOR

Rapid Interceptors appeared as an alternative to attack motorbikes, yet with the advantages of gravitic vehicles. They can fly above the earth saving small obstacles, and above the water.

Rapid Interceptors are equipped as standard with two powerful turbo laser coupled to the chassis, and drivers can use grenades and other hand weapons while driving. Its production was limited to a small number of prototypes, so there are only a few drivers able to control them.

The Rapid Interceptor kit includes two versions with different drivers and a third kit representing an aircraft shot down during combat. The price of each kit is 22.00 € and 10.00 € for the scenic piece, though they can be purchased together to get a better price.

PVP per unit: 22,00€    Kit of two models (OP.A + OP.B): 40,00€    Interceptor Destroyed: 10,00€  +Shipping cost to Spain (3,00€)  Europe and USA (8,00€)

Kit of three models (OP.A + OP.B + Rapid destroyed): 50,00€ (Shipping cost included for Spain and + 4,00€ to the other countries)

You can buy this model through EBAY store or email

IMPORTANT: All orders will be sent Wednesday 1st October

 We are working on better pictures. For more pictures of the kit please write to our email, thanks!!!