miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015


fantastic paint job by Pintor de miniaturas

From my small workshop I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a new year packed with kits, Star Wars, brushes, more Star Wars, resin figures, a bit more of Star Wars, plasticard and all these trifles that make us the modelers happy!!!

My plan for 2015 envisaged the launch of new kits but it has finally been impossible. The activity at the workshop is tailored to order entries and replacements, mainly resin orders for other brands. Moreover, Resinlab Models' small catalog has continually needed to be replenished and this takes the necessary time to produce anything new.

For 2016 I do not want to commit the blunder of anticipate novelties, though we can confirm the attendance of Resinlab to the two most important fairs modeling of Spain:

* IV Competition Models of Leganés (Madrid) March 11th-13th.

* AMT Torent XXII (Valencia) May 30th- April 1st (we had been there 13 years as an exhibitor at this event, I think I'm getting old)

Thanks to everyone for keep following my humble work

Enrique from Resinlab Models

future models fro 2016, maybe...