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36 parts of high quality resin _ Two choices of weapons: chainsaw arm / combat claw + 1 double melta cannon + 140.00 mm acrylic base _ RRP / PVP: 100.00 (shipping cost not included)
Height 180.00 mm / / 7.2 inches_ modeled by: Enrique Millán (dangerous subject)
orders to: enrique.maquetasyprototipos @

Hi friends, the year is ending with many new projects and figures in my head. I'm making a lot kits, but the ¨door exit¨ is very small. During the last months had plans to produce three new kits, but I've been very busy with private commissions. I wish you a happy 2013, thank you for following this blog! Happy Christmas! I hope to continue to surprise with new kits!

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012



HI friends!

This holidays was preparing two new kits, but a sleepless night, perhaps because of the summer heat, I get to model a new figure that it did not intend to do. This is a bust of a king from beyond The Wall, undead and very cold... The model is in gray resin and measures 8 cm (3.14 inches)

I modeled this figure by Fimo Clay and Magic Sculpt epoxy. I really enjoyed modeling the bust. Lately I´ve only worked mechanical models. Hope you like the figure.

The price is 24 + shipping. For any request, please write me at

                                                                             complete model

                                                                                     detail pics

martes, 7 de agosto de 2012


Hi friends!!!

Summer is coming, rather the time to retire a few days and REST. ¨ Rest¨ is an ambiguous word for a modeler, it is time to work on new kits. But before I retired I wanted to write some news and to thank the readers of the blog.

1. The Osprey BIRD OF PREY is SOLD OUT. The first edition is sold out but I will be back in September.
2. - 10 busts to SOLD OUT. This small piece has been a bust gift to all those buyers who have trusted my kits. I made an edition of 100 units, when run out of 10 units next edition will be out of production.
3. Iron Warrior review: For now is the crown jewel of our catalog. All three models are excellent pieces to play Wargames and epic battles. Soon this blog will offer a review of the model and detailed pictures.
4. New Resin.
I started working with a new type of plastic-resin. For now it is a material that I intended for private commissions, but soon I will introduce kits with this new material.
5. New for September!!! The new kits is a powerful ..... agggggggg!!
6. I'm working on an online store. One of my main problems is the lack of stock, so I can only sell for Ebay (Henrich5) or through will be available soon provide an online store.

Thank you again, Summer is coming and enjoy your holiday ... painting of course!

Enrique (Henry)

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012


bunker´s door for wargames (4 different models)

The kit consists of 4 different doors or your choice (for example 3x H1 + 1x V2)

Basic kit (4 doors): 20,00€             Additional doors price: + 4,00 per unit


lunes, 9 de abril de 2012


       Limited edition 150 units     Resin kit for Wargames 25/28mm       Height 110mm/4,4 inches

                                                                             Price 100,00€ with shipping cost worldwide

Only a dwarf mind would be able to create an artifact such as Muradin.

Muradin is a gigantic fighting machine controlled from inside by a dwarf engineer. Very few enemies are able to survive to its deadly charge.

The model kit was made in the year 2009, in an 150 units limited edition. It consists of 22 high quality resin parts and two methacrylate bases which allow to manipulate it. Due to the difficulty to produce this figure, only those by request are cast. Currently, the 80% of the production has been sold.

Temporarily, you can purchase some of these pieces through Ebay.

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

OSPREY FR1 ¨Bird of fire¨ 

ESPAÑOL: El Osprey FR1 ¨bird of fire¨ es una aeronave diseñada para operaciones de combate y reconocimiento rápido. Su principal característica son los dos motores basculantes que le permiten una excelente maniobrabilidad tanto en vuelos horizontales como verticales. Los vehículos Osprey combinan la funcionalidad de un helicóptero y la alta velocidad de un avión turbohélice

El kit Osprey FR1 se presenta en un kit de 24 piezas en resina de alta calidad y tres componentes de acetato, metacrilato y aluminio para su correcto montaje. El modelo FR1 incluye un piloto Enano, pero el habitáculo es compatible para otras miniaturas de 25 / 30 mm.

El kit requiere de montaje y pintado. PVP: 50,00€

 ENGLISH: The Osprey FR1 is an aircraft designed for combat operations and quick exploration. Its main feature are the two overhead engines that provide excellent maneuverability in both horizontal and vertical flight. Osprey vehicles combine the functionality of a helicopter and high speed of a turboprop.

FR1 Osprey kit is presented in a kit of 24 parts of high quality resin and three components of acetate, methacrylate and aluminum for correct assembly. The model includes a Dwarf pilot, but the carrier is compatible with other models of 25/30 mm.

The kit requires assembly and painting. Price: 50.00



lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

2012 a new beginning...

Welcome to my blog,

My name is Enrique Millán (Henry) and for twelve years I have worked on the creation of models and prototypes. This blog is dedicated to my true passion: Resin kits.

Aside from comissioned works and projects, I sculpt scale models on my own. I create the models that I like and have always dreamed of. The manufacturing process is handmade and I only produce limited editions.

For more information about my work, visit my blog or write me at: 
(reply to all emails within 72 hours)

If you wish to purchase or acquire any of my kits you can contact me using the same address, or find me on eBay (Henrich5)

Thanks for your attention

Hola y bienvenidos a mi blog,

Mi nombre es Enrique Millán y durante doce años me he dedicado a la creación de maquetas y prototipos. Este espacio en la red se lo dedico a mi verdadera pasión: los kits de resina.

Entre proyectos voy creando y fundiendo modelos exclusivos en resina. Creo las piezas que me gustan y que siempre he soñado tener.

El proceso de fabricación es artesanal y las ediciones son limitadas entre 100 a 300 unidades.

Si quieres saber más de mi trabajo, visita mi blog o escríbeme a:
 (Respondo todos los e-mail en un plazo de 72 horas)

Si deseas comprar o adquirir alguna de mis piezas puedes contactar en la misma dirección o buscarme en Ebay (Henrich5)

Gracias por tu atención