lunes, 9 de abril de 2012


       Limited edition 150 units     Resin kit for Wargames 25/28mm       Height 110mm/4,4 inches

                                                                             Price 100,00€ with shipping cost worldwide

Only a dwarf mind would be able to create an artifact such as Muradin.

Muradin is a gigantic fighting machine controlled from inside by a dwarf engineer. Very few enemies are able to survive to its deadly charge.

The model kit was made in the year 2009, in an 150 units limited edition. It consists of 22 high quality resin parts and two methacrylate bases which allow to manipulate it. Due to the difficulty to produce this figure, only those by request are cast. Currently, the 80% of the production has been sold.

Temporarily, you can purchase some of these pieces through Ebay.

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    1. Buenos días y gracias por tu interés. En la pestaña superior /derecha de este blog tienes el link a la tienda de EBay (EBAY STORE). También puedes contactar conmigo por correo electrónico ( y podemos cerrar la venta mediante Paypal.


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  3. Probably a long shot, but is this model still available at all? Would love one for my army.