martes, 7 de agosto de 2012


Hi friends!!!

Summer is coming, rather the time to retire a few days and REST. ¨ Rest¨ is an ambiguous word for a modeler, it is time to work on new kits. But before I retired I wanted to write some news and to thank the readers of the blog.

1. The Osprey BIRD OF PREY is SOLD OUT. The first edition is sold out but I will be back in September.
2. - 10 busts to SOLD OUT. This small piece has been a bust gift to all those buyers who have trusted my kits. I made an edition of 100 units, when run out of 10 units next edition will be out of production.
3. Iron Warrior review: For now is the crown jewel of our catalog. All three models are excellent pieces to play Wargames and epic battles. Soon this blog will offer a review of the model and detailed pictures.
4. New Resin.
I started working with a new type of plastic-resin. For now it is a material that I intended for private commissions, but soon I will introduce kits with this new material.
5. New for September!!! The new kits is a powerful ..... agggggggg!!
6. I'm working on an online store. One of my main problems is the lack of stock, so I can only sell for Ebay (Henrich5) or through will be available soon provide an online store.

Thank you again, Summer is coming and enjoy your holiday ... painting of course!

Enrique (Henry)

4 comentarios:

  1. Hola Amigo
    Pues me agrada leer que todo te este saliendo bien,es una buena noticia,
    Esto e intentado encontrar tu tienda en ebay pero tengo que ser muy tonto JAJAJA.
    Un Saludo y buenas vacaciones

    1. hola j.d. la tienda de ebay permanece activa mientras tenga stock disponible. La he cerrado por vacaciones y mañana vuelvo a la carga. Espero que te encuentres bien


  2. Very Nice!!! I did not know you had busts!!! I love your products and look forward to your product line this next year!!

  3. thanks tommy,

    I started modeling busts in 2000. From 2000 to 2004 I was one of the few independent producers figures in Spain.

    Congratulations for your great forum!!!