martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

V Modelism Contest ¨CIUDAD DE LEGANÉS¨ Madrid

These year's first months have became hectic. The main activity at our workshop is to produce scale models, prototypes and resin cast service for other brands and companies. These are days of hard work and I'm afraid that we will not have any new releases until beginning of Spring. However...

Next March the 13th-15th will be held in Leganés (near to Madrid) the fair V Static Modelism Contest ¨Ciudad de Leganés¨ . If you're a hobby-fan do not hesitate in visiting the fair and look for our stand (n. 34 and 35). I'm honoured to share this space with two brilliant modellists: Macone MACONE Models & Javier Villarroya. Many thanks to the association Model34 for creating this awesome event.See you!!!

Resinlab Models in FACEBOOK: This blog will remain place to advertise new releases and fairs, but as of today do not hesitate to visit our Facebook Page. I promise to update more frequently than the blog, show miniauture creation progress and much more!!! Link here and follow me!!! 
... and a legion of zombies in the stand!!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola Amigo
    Que bien ya se acerca y nos veremos las caras jajaja
    Que buena pinta tiene ese busto de los zombiens tendré que mirarlo y el de la alien ..... jo tio que no hay pasta jajaja
    un saludo

  2. hola
    Gracias por guardarme el busto
    espero que cuando lo pinte te guste
    un saludo